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A pizza pilgrimage to Campania

It began with truffles. White ones, from Alba, shaved over a butter-daubed wedge of dough, then ditto with a heady black variety from Irpinia. Seated in the courtyard of the famed Naples pizzeria Concettina ai Tre Santi, I watched my server with wide eyes as my evening pizza marathon commenced with an intoxicating bang.

Jan 26,2023 | Good Food

A new view of the most explosive moon in the solar system

Io, the third-largest of Jupiter’s moons, is caught in a pressurized, explosive dance. Orbiting near Ganymede and Europa, two of the other largest Jovian moons, and the planet itself, Io’s mineral composition is constantly pulled and pushed by gravity, creating frictional heat deep inside the moon. This makes it extremely volcanically active — there are hundreds of volcanoes and extensive networks of lava flows marking Io’s surface.

Jan 26,2023 | Technology
Opinion & Analysis

By Paul Krugman, New York Times

Do not try to appease economic terrorists

​A few days ago, I received an automated text from my bank. For some reason, the bank’s algorithm flagged a valid charge on my debit card as potentially questionable; the text asked me to verify the purchase.

Jan 24,2023| Opinion

By Hamzeh S. Al-Alayani

Green mining in Jordan: A sustainable future

The mining sector in Jordan is a cornerstone of the national economy, accounting for 19 percent of Jordan's total exports. In 2019, the sector made up about 7.7 percent of the Kingdom's GNP, which is set to increase to 11 percent by 2025.

Jan 23,2023| Opinion

Sports Saturdays with Khaled: Jordanian assigned new ISSF secretary-general

We are rounding up this week with a loss, a win, and an exciting announcement. From local leagues to international tournaments, here is what you need to know.

Jan 14,2023 | Local Sports

Sport Saturdays with Khaled: Jordan taekwondo climbs in global rankings

This week we are covering some interesting developments, from local stars advancing in global rankings all the way to local tournaments and rankings, make sure to read on.

Jan 07,2023 | All

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