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Jordan’s return to minimalism

Minimalism is all about embracing simplicity and letting go of excessive accumulation. It is a movement that prioritizes experiences, relationships, and personal growth over material possessions. And in Jordan, where approximately 3 tonnes of waste are generated per year, or equivalent to 6 Burj Khalifa’s per year, according to Beitak Baytak, a warm embrace to minimalism, not only helps declutter space, but can also help the local environment.

Oct 01,2023 | All

Today's Horoscopes

ARIES: Try not to sweat the small stuff. Do your best to build up an immunity to trivial things that could get under your skin. You can gain some understanding by offering to listen to a dear person’s worries or concerns.

Oct 01,2023 | All

Opinion & Analysis

By Paul Krugman, New York Times

Are High Interest Rates the New Normal?

​Goodbye, inflation. Hello, unsustainable debt. If you’ve spent any substantial amount of time engaged in discourse about the economy — and I, alas, have been at it for decades — you know that there’s always something to worry about.

Sep 30,2023| Opinion

By Joseph Dana, Syndication Bureau

Israel could make or break America’s trade plans to rival China

​In the summer of 2011, I was aboard a ship bound from Athens for the Gaza Strip. I was covering the second Gaza flotilla for The Nation. A year before, Palestinian solidarity activists sent several aid ships to Gaza to highlight Israel’s maritime blockade of the Palestinian territory. The Israeli navy intercepted the ships, commandos boarded the vessels, and several activists were killed by soldiers. Given the international outcry, activists arranged another flotilla in 2011, but the boats never left port.

Sep 29,2023| Opinion
Yalla Jordan
Musiqa 3al Daraj, Halaqat take Jazz to Petra in Amman Jazz Festival 02

Musiqa 3al Daraj takes Jazz to Petra

Within the framework of the Amman Jazz Festival, the Musiqa 3al Daraj festival returns in its fifth edition, taking place for the first time in Petra on October 1-2. The festival has been jointly initiated and produced by the Goethe-Institut Jordan and OrangeRed.

Sep 30,2023 | Around Jordan
A new scaffold system could transform vascular treatment

A new scaffold system could transform vascular treatment

In this episode, Host Tom Salemi learns the Elixir Medical story from Jordanian-American CEO Motasim Sirhan, who has spent most of his medtech career developing new vascular implants to prop open previously occluded blood vessels. Sirhan led developing of early version of bare metal stents while at Guidant. He’d go on to start and sell a company that developed another vascular device before pairing with Invus Group to start Elixir Medical in 2005.

Sep 30,2023 | Podcasts

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