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Why do we brand the summer?

​As trees bloom, the predictions come on like an allergy attack. The song of the summer will be by Ed Sheeran. The drink of the summer will be the Hugo Spritz. Feral Girl Summer is over and Married Girl Summer has arrived. Get out your toenail clippers, because Barefoot-Boy Summer is on its way.

Jun 03,2023 | All

Get lost in clay, even if it’s just for the weekend

The challenge: Make 10 small clay objects in 18 minutes — one minute each for the first five pieces, two minutes for the next four and five for the last one. Ariela Kuh, a ceramic artist with a bright demeanor and a yellow apron, set a timer on her iPhone as she explained the drill to the 14 of us attending her workshop in April at the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in Newcastle, Maine.

Jun 03,2023 | Culture & Arts
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Yalla Jordan
Norwegian Film Days to begin on Sunday

Norwegian Film Days to begin on Sunday

Norwegian Film Days, organized by The Royal Film Commission and in partnership with the Royal Norwegian Embassy is set to begin on Sunday at RFC’s Outdoor Amphitheater with three free film screenings spanning throughout the week.

Jun 02,2023 | Where to Go
Red Motorcade

From the scene: Onlookers share excitement over historic Royal wedding

Amidst the jubilant festivities that have swept across the Kingdom, heralding the union of HRH Crown Prince Hussein and HRH Princess Rajwa Al-Hussein, Jordan News interviewed onlookers to capture a glimpse into the collective sentiments surrounding this historic event.

Jun 02,2023 | The Royal wedding

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