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Palestinian Film Days at the Rainbow Theater

Palestinian Film Days is making a triumphant return, bringing with it four captivating movie screenings that will grace the screens of The Rainbow Theater in Jabal Amman from Sunday, November 19, to Tuesday, November 21, starting at 7 p.m.

Nov 19,2023 | Entertainment

A new chapter for a checkered scarf

​Around the neck, over the head, draped down the back, pinned into hair, wrapped around a face — there are many ways to style a kaffiyeh, the square checkered scarf traditionally worn in parts of the Middle East.

Nov 15,2023 | Fashion

Opinion & Analysis

By Michael Jennings, syndication bureau

The climate change health emergency

A few years ago, while doing research in the highlands of Ethiopia, a medical professional explained how cases of malaria were spreading each year up the mountains. Rising temperatures were allowing the parasite-carrying mosquitoes to survive at higher altitudes, and infect new communities. It is a story repeated across the world as we witness the impact of the climate emergency on global health ever more directly.

Dec 02,2023| Opinion

By Ahmad M. Awad

Jordanian Economy: Budget challenges and the impact of the Gaza war

The Jordanian economy faces compounded challenges exacerbated by the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and its continuous assaults by the occupation forces and settlers in the West Bank.

Nov 30,2023| Opinion
Yalla Jordan
Mehras - Culinary Tour Nov 2021

Proudly local, universal values

Of the many food cultures I lived and worked in as a food writer and former hotelier, I can now honestly say that Jordan’s cuisine is one of the most inclusive and meaningful cuisines in the World. But also, an underrated one.

Nov 18,2023 | Around Jordan
WhatsApp Image 2023-10-07 at 4.56.16 PM

Spectacular performance at the Closing of Amman Jazz Festival

Upon invitation of the Austrian Embassy Amman, the Austrian vocal artist Amina Bouroyen and the Jordanian band Osama Mashagbeh Trio held two musical performances last week. After the first concert at the opening of Musiqa 3Al Daraj Festival on Sunday, 1 October in Petra- Wadi Musa, the musicians also performed on the closing evening of the 11th edition of the Amman Jazz Festival.

Oct 07,2023 | Around Jordan

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