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4 science fiction movies to stream now

Below is a list of four science fiction movies to stream today.

13 h ago | Reviews

‘Forgotten’ Afghan stories

The world’s focus has shifted to the war in Ukraine, but two major new documentaries aim to throw the spotlight back on Afghanistan, and the people left behind by the US’ rapid withdrawal last year.

14 h ago | All
Opinion & Analysis

By Hussain Abdul-Hussain, Syndication Bureau

The cost of Iraq’s empty promises

Less than a month after being inaugurated as Iraq’s prime minister, Mohammed Shia Al Sudani is already reneging on promises he made to secure his governing coalition. The longer these pledges go unmet, the longer Iraq’s destabilizing political polarization will persist.

Nov 26,2022| Opinion

By Tarek Osman

Rifaa Al-Tahtawi — the Parisian sheikh

There is gold here. Sheikh Rifaa Al-Tahtawi came to this conclusion when he was in Paris. He had been appointed the chaplain of one of the first educational missions (composed of a regiment of the Egyptian army) that Egypt’s early 19th-century ruler Mohamed Ali Pasha had sent to learn about and transfer knowledge and technologies from France to Egypt.

Nov 26,2022| Opinion

Brazil confident injured Neymar will be back to lead World Cup bid

Brazil are confident that Neymar will return to lead their bid to win a sixth World Cup despite the world’s most expensive player suffering an ankle injury in their opening match in Qatar.

Nov 28,2022 | Football
2.2 Croatia

Costa Rica ‘still alive’ at World Cup after win over Japan

Luis Fernando Suarez said his Costa Rica team were “still very much alive” at the World Cup after a 1–0 win over Japan on Sunday blew Group E wide open — and handed a potential lifeline to Germany.

Nov 28,2022 | Football

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