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Falling lithium prices are making electric cars more affordable

​Lithium, the common ingredient in almost all electric-car batteries, has become so precious that it is often called white gold. But something surprising has happened recently: The metal’s price has fallen, helping to make electric vehicles more affordable.

Mar 26,2023 | Drive

The engineers are bloggers now

​In 2021, Cristian Velazquez helped Uber fix an important software issue. First, he and his teammates diagnosed a data processing flaw that could have stopped the app from working correctly. Then they developed a way to clear memory more efficiently, saving the company time and money.

Mar 26,2023 | Technology
Opinion & Analysis

By Haid Haid

Drugs and politics keep Syrian exports out of Iraq

Syrian freight trucks containing everything from food to clothes destined for Iraq are languishing at Al-Qaim border crossing despite a deal having been reached to settle a long-running dispute more than two months ago.

Mar 24,2023| Opinion

By Paul Krugman, New York Times

How big a deal is the US banking mess?

I am on vacation and trying to spend a few weeks not thinking about the usual stuff. But it turns out that I cannot stay completely out of the debate over the sudden wave of banking crises and their effect on the economic outlook.

Mar 24,2023| Opinion
Yalla Jordan

Present Perfect: From your favorite place to a forever keepsake

Retrieving and recalling memories from the past is often effortless. Yet, as time passes, some of our once cherished moment fade and become out of reach. This notion is what led, Present Perfect, a novel business, led by a skilled artisan to launch.

Mar 20,2023 | Around Jordan
aqaba sea turtle

Arab photographers, divers document Red Sea’s diverse marine life

Arab photographers and divers plunged into the depths of the Red Sea to document the vastly diverse marine environment of the Gulf of Aqaba as part of the second Arab Underwater Photography Championship, which ran from March 10–14, Addustour daily reported.

Mar 17,2023 | Around Jordan

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