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“Tell Me about Palestine:” Preserves heritage, one page at a time

Raising kids’ awareness through books can be challenging during this digital era. However, Raneem Al Kilani, a proud mother, and a dedicated Jordanian writer takes us all on a magical adventure, introducing the 19 cities of Palestine through her recently-launched book “Tell Me about Palestine,” illustrated creatively by Aseel Tuhul.

Feb 03,2024 | Books

Defiant resilience: ‘We Won’t Leave’ exhibit chronicles Palestinian struggles

​In a new project by the Khalid Shoman Foundation called “We Won’t Leave” By Suha Shoman, this text-based installation plays into a moment in time since the commencement of Israel’s war on Gaza with a backdrop of the 75-year-ongoing occupation.

Jan 31,2024 | Culture & Arts

Opinion & Analysis

By Ibtisam Mahdi, +972 Magazine

The obliteration of Gaza’s multi-civilizational treasures

Since the beginning of Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip, innumerable treasures of Palestine’s cultural heritage have been damaged or destroyed. Like so much of the rest of the besieged enclave, these priceless and beloved landmarks of our people’s history — archaeological sites, millennia-old religious structures, and museums with ancient collections — now lie in ruin.

Feb 20,2024| Opinion

By Hamza Alakaleek

Cyber sovereignty: Legal implications and economic impact in key nations

In today's hyperconnected world, cyberspace is the lifeline of global commerce and economic activity. As governments vie for more control over their digital spaces, cyber sovereignty emerges as an important but complex subject with far-reaching consequences for businesses and economies. As a result, the pursuit of cyber sovereignty and its impact on the free movement of information creates a complicated, ever-changing legal landscape around the world. Each country approaches this dynamic in its own unique way, resulting in varied legislative frameworks and obstacles that influence information accessibility and availability. Understanding the various legislative frameworks, growing technological problems, and specific subtleties of cyber sovereignty in these countries provides significant insights into the complexities of this multifaceted topic.

Feb 19,2024| Opinion
Yalla Jordan
Van life Globetrotting duo explores Jordan in fully equipped adventure 0010

Van life: Globetrotting duo explores Jordan in fully equipped adventure

Embark on a thrilling global adventure with Park Hyeon Min (53) and his Korean wife Shin Hwa Seon (56), a dynamic couple on a mission to explore the world's hidden gems. Being called the world’s first Muslim travel duo, they document all of their adventures via their YouTube page World Tour Balela.

Dec 09,2023 | Around Jordan
Chefs and tourism experts visit Olive Festival on World Olive Tree Day

Chefs and tourism experts visit Olive Festival on World Olive Tree Day

Zeid Odeh (hospitality professional) – In terms of any food festival that is usually held at convention centers, it is assumed that they are mainly targeting businesses, but little does one know that it can be of great value to consumers and could result in expanding one's horizon and knowledge over the tasty staples that are being produced from the soil of Jordan and showcase the people behind it. We began the tour with welcoming words from Dr. Nizar Haddad, Director General of the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), and Mr. Nabil Assaf, Jordan representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), who shared the vision behind the festival and the space and support they give to olive farmers, olive oil producers, small rural businesses, and start-ups to showcase their products.

Nov 30,2023 | Around Jordan

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